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Costa Rica

El Pueblo is a mix of more than 100 bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and shops.

Costa Rica

When someone says, "Costa Rica" you probably think fantastic beaches!


Puerto Limon is the most important Costa Rican port on the Caribbean.

Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico

Caribbean Ocean View Rental House with Private Pool

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Costa Rica Beaches

Warm waters year-round, an unparalleled tourism infrastructure, and limitless attractions spanning two coasts are the reasons Costa Rica's beaches rank among the best in the world. And since nearly two thirds of Costa Rica's borders are coastline, there are a whole lot of beaches to explore.

Costa Rica's largest peninsula is ringed by so many blissful strips of sand, it deserves a top ten list of its own. Besides livelier beach cities like Montezuma, Tamarindo, and Mal Pais, Nicoya boasts many Pacific beaches that are far more remote and relaxing: Playas Hermosa, Samara, Flamingo, Conchal and Playa Grande.

Costa Rica Casinos

There are Casinos in most popular tourist areas and all of the large cities. They are usually part of a large hotel; however they are not huge casinos like in Las Vegas. They are fairly informal places, and dress codes are neat but casual. Minimum bets in most places start at 500 Colones (about $1).

There are over 30 casinos in Costa Rica with many situated in the San Jose area. While the country of Costa Rica spreads over just 51,100 sq kms, it offers a good nightlife with its varied bars, discos and nightclubs. The casinos are well visited by tourists and top names in the gambling industry. This is because of the number of events, poker conventions and international conferences that are held to discuss the gambling industry. Besides the legal casinos, there are also various places that offer illegal gaming. It is thus vital on the part of the gamer to enquire whether the gaming joint is a legal one or not and ensure that they visit legalized places only.

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